Thanks to the care and attention to detail of the copyist who transcribed the chapter meeting’s decisions, we know even to this day the details of the tests undergone by... read more

From De preceptis artis musice et pratice compendiosus libellus by Guilielmus monachus. Venice, Biblioteca Marciana, manuscript Lat. Z 336, coll. 1581. [36] Sequuntur palmae contrapunctorum. [Here follow the palms of counterpoint.] Incipiunt palmae ... read more

McGill professors Julie Cumming and Peter Schubert have recently released a series of new videos on Renaissance vocal improvisation. Schubert: Dear friends and colleagues, Julie Cumming and I are pleased ... read more

From a Facebook post: Great news! The National Conservatory of Music and Danse of Lyon and Barnabé Janin have just launched a YouTube channel dedicated to « Chanter sur le livre à la ... read more

January 26th, 2018

Today, historical improvisation is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves from a growing international community of musicologists, performers, and educational centres alike: L’improvisation historique est à la mode. —Phili... read more