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Vicente Parrilla specializes in the performance of historical counterpoint, focusing on the Renaissance. With his ensemble More Hispano, he has released several CD recordings. He is writing a PhD dissertation on Lusitano’s treatises for KU Leuven / LUCA Faculty of the Arts and docARTES, a doctoral programme for performers and composers hosted by Orpheus Instituut (Ghent) as a fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). He is a recorder professor at the conservatory of Seville.

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I aim to collect here, for easy reference, as much relevant information as possible about current developments in historical improvisation, with special emphasis on Renaissance counterpoint: articles, theses, and media files. In case you’d like to contribute to this site, please let me know.


Vicente Parrilla | PhD candidate | FWO Research Fellow | KU Leuven | Associated Faculty of the Arts | Department of Musicology | Blijde-Inkomststraat 21 box 3313 | 3000 Leuven